One of the first things our contractors will do when you call on us is to perform a thorough roof inspection. There are specific things they are looking for so don’t hesitate to point out any issues you know of as well. The checklist below is a sample of a comprehensive inspection:

  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Shingles that have begun to buckle
  • Missing or broken coping on the roof
  • Any evidence of past work that looks unprofessional
  • Rotted or molded fascia
  • Signs inside your home of water damage
  • Leaks around skylights or windows
  • Window or skylight seals
  • Gutters that need to be repaired or replaced
  • Trees that come to close to your house
  • Excess debris on the roof
  • Signs of mold, algae or other fungus on or around the roof

Our expert roofers will take note of any problems they find and make sure you understand all your options for correcting the issues, as well as the cost of the job. If we feel you need to replace your roofing system altogether, we will work with you to get the job done at a price you can afford.

We will listen to all your questions and carefully explain how we came to our decision and why. A little planning on the front end to find the right roofing company will help this process to go smoothly, as you will have reason to trust us!

Roof inspections can help you save you from an exorbitant cost resulting from damage caused to the upper portion of your house.  Just obtaining a roof inspection can help save money, time and hassle.


Becoming a homeowner is always connected with the simple fact of shouldering a good deal of important responsibilities. Instead of damaging the new windows due to a lack of experience, he’ll need to take some time to find the right professionals to help them. Homeowners have to bear in mind that regular maintenance and AC unit repair is necessary for a well working and long-lasting machine. Most homeowners don’t realise exactly how many window options there are in the marketplace.

When it has to do with roofs, catching a little problem early on is essential to protecting your house and your financial plan. If you plan to work on your roof, it is essential to have are aware of health and safety precautions as well as equipments. If you wish to guard your roof and minimise the frequency and total price tag of repair debts, then preventative maintenance is your only choice. Also, always check the warranties of the goods and materials that you intend to use on your roof. Carry on reading to learn what you want to be doing for your metal roof and the way to begin. Although metal roofs don’t need a whole lot of routine work, it’s still crucial to their general performance and longevity to take decent care of them all on your own.

One extremely critical part of a home is the roof. So why is it that you believe that the top portion of your home needs maintenance. Many houses and building owners choose periodic inspections because they provide various advantages.

You need to identify any early symptoms of roof damage to prevent breakdown failure. Some essential leaks get severe within a brief period, especially if you live in rain or snow prone zone. Therefore, a leakage demands immediate attention.

Our Inspectors are here to find any damages even if they’re in the early stages. For instance, if the inspector can’t operate a wall switch they’ll mark it as inoperable, but in fact, it might be an unused switch to a fan that now has a remote, or it may operate a plug which they didn’t check. Regarding a house or building issue, our technicians do their very best to communicate with you the best solution in a simple language.


If there’s any repair that needs to be done, or there’s been a big fault with the roof, he’ll immediately speak to you on the situation. What’s more, roof repairs are tedious and at times, costly, so it is necessary to do your very best to avoid roofing damage.


If you suspect an issue, you must get an inspection done as soon as possible, or you’ll run the possibility of bigger damage caused by extreme weather. Nobody wants to get home damages, but it’s unavoidable that over the course of several seasons, all roofs eventually wear down, and either develop leaks or holes. By creating a maintenance plan, you’re able to steer clear of the very same roof problems to occur again.

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